Dan Haer and Mike Ippolito

Dan Haer and Mike Ippolito came to flooring from very different directions. Dan Haer has owned and operated local and national painting companies since 1986. Dan worked with Duron Paints and several other companies to develop specialty paints to be applied to three Fortune 500 company buildings in all 50 states. Dan has also been trained and certified in dozens of manufactures systems over the 30+ years in the business.

Mike Ippolito started in the glass industry working with local and national glass artists, as well as glass manufacturers. Mike’s burning desire to have his own business lead him to start a local janitorial cleaning service specializing in floor care in 2009. Dan and Mikes’s paths crossed at Calvary Chapel Vineland where Mike’s Father is the pastor. Dan and Mike became friends and started working together. In 2015 they decided to combine Mike’s floor care expertise and love of art with Dan’s coatings expertise and long-term entrepreneurial drive to start a fluid-applied floor coatings company specializing in concrete floor coatings, including urethane and epoxy floor coatings. 

The Mission

The mission of Floor Skinz is to provide the public easily-understandable concrete floor coating systems that are beautiful and can fill every need.