Coat The Floors With A Flexible, Waterproof System

The idea is to keep all the moisture, salts, and other contaminants out of the absorbent concrete slab. Since the slab will expand and contract with the changes in temperature, the coating will need to move at a similar rate. You will want to do the following:

  1. Address any spalling
  2. Grind
  3. Fill cracks
  4. Apply a high-quality waterproof floor system*

*There are many flexible urethane coatings that can be applied, such as Floor Skinz Elasti-Deck, CFI WearCOAT, and in some cases, a more expensive Urethane Cement System can be used.

Coat The Walls & Ceilings With A Waterproof System

The same idea applies for the walls and ceilings; keep the moisture out of the slab. You’ll want to take the following steps:

  1. Wash
  2. Address any spalling
  3. Apply a good waterproof system*

*If an opaque look is desired, Sherwin Williams Loxon XP is a great choice. For a clear finish, Floor Skinz Super Hydrophobic Sealer is our favorite option to use as it is completely invisible and has no sheen.

Caulk The Joints

You will also want to assess the control joints and replace any that are cracking and failing. Most contractors use a single-component urethane caulk like NP-1, but we prefer Sherwin Williams Loxon H1. The Sherwin Williams Loxon H1 is a hybrid urethane sealant and we believe it will hold up longer than traditional urethane sealants [by the way, “sealant” is just tech speak for very good caulk ;)].

These 3 items are the biggest things you can do to keep parking garage maintenance costs to a minimum.

We would be happy to supply your project with our Floor Skinz Products or complete the entire project from top to bottom, providing both expert labor and materials.

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