3 Ways to Cut Warehouse Costs by Polishing Your Floors

Most people ask the question, “Why would I spend the money just to polish my concrete floor when the unpolished concrete seems to be holding up just fine?” Believe it or not, the polished concrete floor ends up saving you money! Yes, you have to pay to have the concrete polished, but in the end, you will be saving money! Below, we will tell you three of the many ways polished concrete is a better financial decision than leaving the concrete unpolished.

  1. Tire Ware on Lift Trucks – unpolished concrete has a texture that is much like 120 grit sandpaper.  This texture is sometimes the result of the original installation of your warehouse floor and sometimes the result of a worn out polished floor.  “They do need re-polished after a decade or two, depending on usage and how well it was densified.” The rough texture of an unpolished floor will tear up the rubber tires on your lift trucks causing a need for early tire replacement. Thus, costing you extra money that could be spent elsewhere. 
  2. Dust – the rubber that’s getting ripped off of your lift truck’s tires is also polluting the air, making that all too familiar black dust that gets EVERYWHERE!  This costs you time and money to clean whatever is stored in your warehouse building. Also, tire dust can not be good for yours health and the health of your employees.
  3. Lighting – A polished concrete floor is shiny and reflective. Therefore, the light, which is shining down at the floor, gets reflected back up at everything else. If that’s not enough, the lack of that black dust on everything also makes the light bounce around more making the entire place a brighter, cleaner environment.

We hope you decide to have Floor Skinz price out your next polished concrete.

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