REQUIREMENTS of a Shop Floor!

When you think about getting a new floor installed for your shop there are many things that you must take into consideration. It needs to be tough! It needs to be able to hold up when heavy parts are dropped, hot slag is spilled, and being pressure washed on a regular basis. Break cleaner, gas spills, bleach, and transmission fluid are also potential hazards to a flooring system. Am I right? 

Floor Skinz Shop Epoxy Coatings

The Floor Skinz shop epoxy coatings are designed specifically to do just those things. Our epoxy shop epoxy coatings are a step above the rest. First, we grind the floor to open the pores and remove the surface contaminants, and we burn the floor to remove any oils. Then, we apply a moisture vapor barrier to insure that your new epoxy floor does not lift in the event there is any hydrostatic pressure pushing up from under your slab. Next, we apply a resinous 100% solids industrial epoxy and broadcast quartz or flake in order to give it a layer of protection against potential impact fractures. Once that is completed, then we apply a 90% solids chemical resistant polyaspartic top coat. This system has been proven to be an extremely durable epoxy floor system that is perfect for automotive mechanic shops and production facilities. 

How does this system sound to you? Amazing, right? Keep Floor Skinz in mind when you’re ready to install your next epoxy floor.