When people think of epoxy floors, most of the time they are imagining a single solid color epoxy floor. And that is what a traditional epoxy floor has been for the last 50 years. What we are presenting is a much different system. We can do a normal single color epoxy or “resinous” floor as it’s known by floor coatings contractors. However, the floors we like to install best are the more artistic Metallic epoxy floors. The idea with a metallic epoxy floor is that with a little effort looks like marble, with a little more effort it can look like hammered metal or granite. When you walk into a room and the floor looks like a solid slab of marble it is impressive.  

Commercial Epoxy Floors with a Custom Twist

Grinding and prepping for a commercial epoxy floor is by far the most important part of the job. Many people do not know the perils facing floor coating contractors. If a floor is not prepped properly it will fail and “pop” or “peel.” The prep includes grinding and possible track blasting as well as applying a good vapor barrier to insure the floor is hydrostatic pressure resistant.    

The most impressive part about a metallic epoxy floor is the impact per dollar.  You can literally make your concrete floor look like it cost a million dollars for less than $10 per foot. If you were to lay a marble floor and polish and seal it you would have 2 or 3 times the cost of our metallic floor system.  If the metallic epoxy floor is not cool enough on its own you can make it even cooler by adding some custom logos, designs or images.  I have seen floors where you look like your stepping into a hole or a volcano. Wow, while these are not our jobs so far, we do hope to have some cool custom orders like this in the near future. When it comes to pour down custom metallic flooring the sky is the limit.