Where Are Polished or Stained Concrete Floors Installed?

Over the past 5 years Concrete Polishing and Staining has grown in popularity with the “industrial look” showing up everywhere! From stores and restaurants to garages and man caves, there is no place where polished or stained concrete has not been! Most of the original uses of polished concrete floors were in warehouse and factory buildings where production and fabrication took place. With that said, most of our polish work is still in these types of facilities, along with some schools and churches.

Polished concrete in a warehouse – NJ

Polished concrete floor with yellow striping – NJ

Polished concrete in a restaurant – NJ

Polished and stained concrete in a school hallway

Polished concrete in a residential garage

The polishing system used by any given contractor can vary widely from a 3 step wet system to a 9 step dry system with a wide array in between. What each step has in common is the concrete grinding step. Each starts with a rough grind and finishes with an ultra fine grind “polish” with some silicate densifies in between to make the concrete harder and denser along the way. The selection of either the wet or dry system depends on the situation and which one the crew feels is the best fit. We also apply something called a “pin grout” to help fill tiny voids that may be visible due to soft or imperfect concrete. If a color is desired, we can apply colored acid stain to create some really cool effects or even apply a multi color stained logo.

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