Why do firehouse floors need to be so tough?  The short answer is firemen are hard on their supplies. The trucks are very heavy and other heavy, metal objects get dropped on the floor constantly during loading and unloading. The floor in a firehouse needs to be impact resistant, somewhat chemical resistant, and non-slip.

So what floors do we want to install in a 21st century firehouse?

The best option is a 3 Component Urethane Cement floor. This floor can be anywhere from ⅛ inch to ½ inch thick and should hold up for decades in even the harshest environments. This floor consists of a base coat of cementitious polyurethane cement that is designed to bond chemically as well as mechanically to the concrete floor. This base coat is coated 100% with a layer of quartz and a top coat of polyaspartic forming a hybrid cement/urethane barrier which is virtually indestructible.

3 Component Urethane Cement Floor

If the budget does not allow for the absolute best we have an extremely durable 2nd choice with an Epoxy Quartz floor. The epoxy quarts floor is made up of a base coat of moisture vapor barrier, 1 coat of 100% solids industrial epoxy with a full 100% broadcast of quartz, a full coat of epoxy, and a finish coat of urethane. 

Epoxy Quartz Floor

While the 3 Component Urethane Cement floor and the Epoxy Quartz floor are ranked the top two, we have several other awesome floors available! This includes the ever popular Epoxy Flake Floor, the beautiful Metallic Epoxy Floor, and the basic Resinous Floor.

Close up of epoxy flake floor – South Jersey

Showroom metallic epoxy flooring with a polyurethane clear coat.

Basic resinous epoxy floor – South Jersey