Are epoxy floors tough enough to hold up to the daily abuse of forklifts driving across them with heavy loads?

The short answer is YES!

In the case of forklift traffic in industrial warehouses, epoxy can be a very good option. It is a very rigid and hard product that, when applied correctly, can be very durable, and give you a beautiful floor that lasts many years. It is easy to clean with a normal swing buffer or a walk behind auto scrubber with a neutral floor cleaner. In this situation, where forklift usage is a major concern, it might also be a good idea to include a mixture of sand in the epoxy to create a cementitious coating.

Epoxy on a warehouse floor in NJ

Safety yellow epoxy pathway lines with clear UV epoxy top coat in a warehouse

Urethane and Polyaspartic Top Coats

The other option that is available to make a more durable surface is to apply a top coat of urethane or polyaspartic. Although, this is typically an extra cost, it is well worth applying in order to keep the floor looking good for a long time. It also adds an additional layer of very strong material, and is much more scratch resistant than epoxy. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can determine which options work best for your situation, whatever they may be.

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