How do you maintain an epoxy or metallic epoxy floor?

People ask us this question often. The truth? Maintaining an epoxy floor is actually quite easy. You can maintain an basic epoxy floor and a metallic epoxy floor the same way! We promise you that it is very easy! One of our key selling points for an epoxy floor or a metallic epoxy floor is that they are very easy to clean and maintain! If you want to keep a great looking floor, follow these steps.



Maintain the floor on a regular basis with a regular sweeping and mopping. At least on a daily basis. (Dirt and stones from the outside can cause scratching, if not maintained)


If you begin to see a build-up of dirt or grime on any part of the floor, it’s probably time to get your floor cleaned with an auto-scrubber. (Use a red pad to clean without scratching the floor).


If you begin to notice a lot of scratching, you can DIY, or you can call a professional to scuff the floor and apply a top coat of epoxy, or you can use a water-based polyurethane.

Step 4

Repeat step 1


Just like that, your epoxy floor is guaranteed to last for years and years! If you follow these easy steps your epoxy floor will last many years. If you neglect your epoxy floor, it will wear, weather, and collect grime over time. The floor will most likely not fail, but age prematurely instead. So, take care of your floors and let your first impression, be your best impression.