Not Created Equal

There are many pros and cons of working in the epoxy industry. I have been applying epoxy resins since 1986. One of the most frustrating things we have dealt with is sharing the understanding that not all epoxies are the same…  Of course this is true of applicators as well. 


Why is there such a disparity in the quality of commercial epoxy flooring? Many people think the problem lies with the contractor or application method, but the truth is, there are many factors that make a high quality epoxy floor that will stand the test of time. While it is true that not all epoxy flooring contractors do a good job on the prep work, there can still be problems with the application. However, application problems can arise even if the floor preparation is done correctly. Some of the problems and tips to avoid problems are as follows:

1 –  PROBLEM If the concrete slab is not ground to open up the pores, it will not take a coating properly and will be likely to lift or peel up. 
2 – PROBLEM If a vapor barrier is not used, the floor will out-gas causing lots of tiny little bubbles. 
3 – PROBLEM If a vapor barrier is not used, the hydrostatic pressure from moisture under the slab can cause the epoxy to lift or “pop.”  
4 – TIP Many epoxy resins are meant as base or “grout coats,” not as a top coat. Therefore, they are not very scratch or chemical resistant. 
5 – TIP Many epoxy resins are not UV resistant. Therefore, in direct sunlight, they will yellow or “amber,” and in some cases even get chalky and fail completely. 
6 – TIP If the floor will be exposed to heavy chemicals and/or UV light, it will need to be top-coated with a polyurethane to provide additional protection.  

Epoxy Flooring System

The bottom line is this, an epoxy flooring system is just that…  A flooring SYSTEM. Meaning its made up of multiple components and needs to be specified for your specific situation and intended use.  We would be happy to review your needs and design a commercial epoxy flooring system that meets your needs and budget! 

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