That is a big statement… The best pole building floor in America… but the truth is, our Fast Flake Floor is the most durable, safe, attractive, and cost effective floor you can put down. This system can be bought from us or installed by us.


Our Fast Flake Floor System consists of 3 layers of flexible protection.

Below are some of the advantages of this system:

  • Hot tire resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • UV stable / fade resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Works great on heated floors
  • Economical; less than $6 per square foot

I could stop there and it would be a great choice, but wait… there’s more!

The typical 1, 2, or 3 car garage and most pole buildings can be installed by our professional installers in 1 day!

Estimate Process

  1. Pick your flake colors from one of our in-stock color choices or create a custom blend of your own using our custom blend color visualizer
  2. Send us your contact information and floor dimensions along with a picture or two
  3. We will send you an estimate via email or set up a walkthrough if we feel it is needed
  4. Once you accept your estimate and send a deposit, our team leader will schedule with you directly

Installation Process

  1. Our professional floor installers will arrive and grind the floor to create a profile and remove any densifiers/hardeners that the slab was treated with when poured as these can affect the bond.
  2. The floor will be patched if needed and expansion/control joints will be filled as requested with a flexible filler to honor the integrity of the joint. Areas that are patched may need to be re-ground and the floor re-vacuumed.
  3. A pigmented base coat of 2 component 80% or 90% solids polyaspartic is applied, depending on the weather.
  4. Acrylic flake is tossed onto the base coat to rejection, completely covering 100% of the floor. The layer of flake is then scraped to remove the high points, creating a uniform look.
  5. A top coat of 80% or 90% clear polyaspartic is applied with some Floor Skinz Grip Tite to create a slip-resistant finish along with a little extra protection.

The floor can be walked on in 4-6 hours and driven on in 24 hours, although we’d prefer you to wait 72 hours if possible.

Let us know when you’re ready to upgrade and protect your pole barn or garage floor!

Contact us for a free estimate!