Last week we spent a few days at the PA motor sports race car show just outside Philly. We met a lot of race car owners and drivers as well as the guys that work on these beasts.  The take a way for me is that many of them car deeply not only for the sport of racing but the cars themselves. The cars almost have a personality. Owners want a place to store and work on them that not only looks good but is functional and user friendly and easy to clean.  Mechanics want a floor system that is tough and will hold up to dropped tools and parts. Drivers want a floor that looks cool.  

The Garage Epoxy Floor

To that leads me to the question. How do we get am epoxy floor that can do all these things and make everyone happy?  What Floor is worthy of the race car?

I like to think the Floor Skinz Elasti deck floor would be just that floor. Our system is made to flex and bridge cracks and gaps that may form and the concrete ages. This flexibility makes it able to hold up to an impact from dropped tools and parts. Its applied with or without a 100% flake broadcast which can be any color combination imagined. We can also add custom logos which are imbedded between 2 coats of clear Polyaspartic.  This meets the cool factor and makes for a beautiful floor.  As for the cost its about the same as an epoxy flake floor with a coat of clear, but about 10 times more durable.

As I sit on the plane headed to “WOC” or World of Concrete meet with manufactures of all things concrete and concrete related including every imaginable epoxysystem on the planet. I wonder is there an epoxy that can do what our Floor Skinz Elasti-Deck floor system can do?  We will be looking. If we find one, we will offer it to our clients as an option. It’s our goal to stay at the cutting edge of the floor coatings industry so we can make sure we are providing the very best floors possible at all times.

Look forward to seeing your car and garage or shop soon.