Polish the concrete or apply epoxy?

Many conversations have gone back and forth about this over the last few years. Which is better in specific circumstances? Is polished concrete or epoxy better on warehouse floors?

Beautiful and durable warehouse epoxy floor with striping – New Jersey

Polished concrete floor with yellow striping – NJ

Epoxy Floor

If there is spillage that can seep into the concrete, like oil or acids, then an epoxy is needed to stop the slab from being infiltrated. If line striping is needed, epoxy should also be used. Epoxy will help to keep the color of the lines nice and bright, while also keeping in the same place.  

Polished Concrete

If there is a lot of forklift traffic and limited oil or contaminants, the best decision would be to polish the concrete. Polish is very scratch resistant and will be able to withstand the heavy forklift traffic. Lines can be stained in yellow acid, but they will not be as bright as an epoxy line. If an area needs to be acid resistant, like a charging station, it can be finished with a chemical resistant epoxy. The surrounding areas would be left with a densified polished finish.  

Polish Vs Epoxy



Extremely Scratch Resistant  Slightly Scratch Resistant
Slightly Oil Resistant  Completely Oil Resistant
Striped With Acid Stain Dull  Striped With Epoxy Bright
Not Acid Resistant  Can Be Acid Resistant

It does not matter the outcome of the decision, Floor Skinz can get the job done for you.

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