Epoxy Slurry Floor coating is a trowel applied epoxy, AKA epoxy Cement or epoxy Concrete.  Epoxy cement slurry is a 3 part epoxy resin with Portland cement and some other binders added to create a thick slurry which bonds to the existing concrete floor both mechanically and chemically creating and great bond that is almost impossible to break.  as well as heavy things being placed on it and dropped as well.  Since its partially made of Portland cement it will bond to damp or newer concrete…  after 7 days of curing instead of the normal 30 days of cure time required for epoxy floor coatings.

There are a few drawbacks, epoxy paints and floor coatings are not very UV resistant, they get super had but that makes them less flexible and will NOT hold up to thermal shock (ie daily steam cleaning).


Places these work well:

  • Fire house floors
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Heavy Manufacturing facilities