Commercial Epoxy Floor Contractors

I have learned one very big lesson since we became commercial epoxy floor contractors.

Many commercial epoxy floor contractors in NJ come and go quickly and I think I have an idea of why. You see, the epoxy floor coating business is more complicated than most contractors think it is when they start.  

You have all the normal challenges of any other business. Some of those challenges include hiring the right people, making sure they are happy and productive, treating your clients with respect, and completing projects as specified on their work orders. You must also make sure materials are in stock or ordered and delivered in time to complete the projects. The challenges come in places that you do not expect. An example of this is the fact that most of the best systems have a shorter shelf life than normal paints. Therefore, suppliers make the product in smaller batches and often use “just in time” delivery systems. This helps with efficiency, but can cause a lot of stress when running a little short on a project and “just a little more” is needed on short notice.

What’s the Cost?

Then there is the high material cost for epoxy floors. Unlike the paint industry where material cost is about 15% of typical projects, epoxy floor project materials cost about 45%. This is only true if good 100% solids epoxy or our Floor Skinz Elasti-Deck system is being used.  

These variables hit home hardest when there is a floor failure. These poorly funded low bidding floor contractors will close up and walk away without addressing the problem. When these other NJ epoxy floor contractors have a failure, they cannot afford to take responsibility and fix the floor. We do not have this problem because we not only do our epoxy floors right, using the best systems on the market, but we continue to search for new and better floor systems every year. Floor Skinz is well funded and we understand that in order to thrive for the long-term, client delight is the most important job task for all of our people every day.

We will just state this here and now, we are not the cheapest floor company in NJ. It costs a little more to use the best systems as well as to train everyone in the latest and greatest systems. This insures the floors are applied properly. If we are not well funded, corners would be cut… something we are not willing to do!