Epoxy Floor Experts: The Concrete Protectors

We are certified in both Perma-Flex and Elasti-Deck Hydro-Static pressure-proof coatings systems. We also work with several other manufacturers of high-quality epoxy, Polyurethane, and Acrylic floor coatings so we can offer a complete range of options to fit every budget.

We also work with several other manufacturers of standard high-quality epoxy and urethane floor coatings and stains for the best waterproofing available.

Our teams have the expertise to assess your needs and recommend the system that best meets your situation. We also have the equipment and skill to get your floor prepped and coated with the appropriate fluid-applied floor coating system.

Our floor services include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Steam cleaning and degreasing
  • Grinding and shot blasting
  • Patching
  • Installing seamless expansion joints
  • Leveling
  • High solids and 100% solids epoxy floor painting
  • Perma-Flex & Elasti-Deck (penetrating flexible epoxy)
  • Urethane fluid and trowel applied systems
  • Quarts seamless floor coatings
  • Metallic marble epoxy floor painting
  • 100% chip floor systems
  • Non-slip floor systems
  • Glow-in-the-dark floor systems

Our garage floor coating service will make your garage look nicer while the waterproofing makes cleanup easier. Contact us when you’re ready for the best floor coatings around.

Our History

Dan Haer and Mike Ippolito came to flooring from very different directions. Dan Haer has owned and operated local and national painting companies since 1986. Dan worked with Duron Paints & several other companies to develop specialty paints to be applied to three fortune 500 company buildings in all 50 states.  Dan has also been trained and certified in dozens of manufacture’s systems over the 30-plus years in the business. Mike started in the glass industry working with local and national glass artists as well as glass manufacturers. Mike’s burning desire to have his own business lead him to start a local janitorial cleaning service specializing in floor care in 2009. Dan and Mike’s paths crossed at Calvary Chapel Vineland where Mike’s father is the pastor. Dan and Mike became friends and started working together. In 2015, they decided to combine Mike’s floor care expertise and love of art with Dan’s coating expertise and long-term entrepreneurial drive to start a fluid-applied floor coatings company.

The mission of Floor Skinz is to provide the public with easily understandable floor systems that are beautiful and can fill every need, as well as to maintain a Christian-based office environment and provide quality service and care to all of our customers.

Customer Testimonials

“So excited to see the transformation of my garage by Floor Skinz! They did an awesome job throughout the process. Beginning with their responsiveness to my first call, answering my questions, giving guidance on the color options, etc. And they were meticulous in sealing a crack all the way through how they taped the garage seam to ensure the color flecks were straight. Tomorrow they come to paint the walls. The garage will be clean, brand new, and awaiting a ping pong table. I am sure my renters this summer will be super excited about this new space for fun — I know I am! Thank you, Floor Skinz!” – Sheila S.

“The floor looks better than I could ever have imagined. Your guys did a great job. Thank you very much, Dan!” -Anonymous