Resinous flooring systems are a great choice for large garages and industrial spaces. These floors are practical, cost-effective, and attractive. This high-performance coating is more affordable than more decorative epoxy flooring options, like an epoxy flake or metallic epoxy. It gives your floor a neat, clean finish, and you can also add aggregate to create a non-stick surface.

Our Process
Before we begin the application, we ensure that the floor is dry, clean, and in good condition. Then, we begin grounding, which is vital to creating a surface for the epoxy flooring to adhere to. After grinding, we apply a vapor barrier to prevent moisture build-up. Once the vapor barrier is cured, we apply a 100% solids industrial grade epoxy. We then come back and apply the topcoat. Once two topcoats have been applied, we put on a regular epoxy or a UV and chemical resistant polyurethane or polyaspartic topcoat, depending on your needs.