Our clients often know only a part of what we have to offer, such as: 

  • Removal or demo of old VCT or ceramic tile
  • Carpet and glue removal
  • Grinding
  • Crack filling
  • Patchwork of damaged areas

These are the most labor-intensive parts of the floor project and require very expensive equipment and highly skilled, trained personnel to operate this equipment. 

So, we have decided to set up a floor preparation service option. Our expert team will come out and demo your old floor, whether it’s old coatings, tile, VCT, carpet, carpet tiles, glue… It does not matter what is on the floor, we will tear it up! Once the old flooring material is up, we will grind the concrete using large diamond floor grinders and use OSHA compliant industrial HEPA vacuums to create a good sound surface so that your new system can be applied. Additionally, we can fill the voids and cracks and patch damaged areas in the old concrete to ensure your floor is as smooth as possible.     

Floor Demo & Grinding 

Floor Preparation is the most important part of any floor system and in many cases, the only part that needs to be addressed. Many of the new “industrial decor” projects we have been doing consist of only grinding and densifying to hold back dust. In some cases a stain and clear sealer are also applied. Due to the high demand for “prep only” projects, we now offer a few prep-only options:

  • Demo – Removal of old floor coating, VCT, tile, carpet, glue or whatever is on the floor
  • Grinding – Grind and HEPA vacuum to create a good, clean, sound surface ready for a densifier, sealer, epoxy or just about any other coating. 
  • Crack Fill – Manually fill cracks and control joints with the appropriate material for each to honor the integrity and flexibility of the joint where needed. In areas that do not require flexibility or movement, a rigid filler is used.
  • Patching – Repair damaged areas to create as smooth of a surface as possible with quick set patch or a proprietary epoxy patching compound depending on the top coat of the new floor system. 

Once these steps are completed, we can begin the process of installing one of our flooring systems or leave the floor as is! The options are endless!

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