What is a Fluid applied rubber floor?   In short, it is EPDM “rubber” Granules held together and bonded to the floor surface with polyuria and polyurethane resins.  There are various other compounds which rubber granules are made of, but we like EPDM the best.   This matting of varying thickness typically from ¼ inch to 1 inch. It is trowel applied and will often have a urethane top coat.

Most commonly used for:

  1. Playground Surfacing
  2. Factory floors
  3. Airport floors
  4. Aircraft hangar floors
  5. Volleyball and tennis courts
  6. Sport Center floors
  7. Fitness Center floors
  8. Hospital floors
  9. Football fields
  10. Tennis courts
  11. Golf fields
  12. Running tracks
  13. Pool decks
  14. Water parks


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