BenefitsHydrophobic floor sealers are completely invisible once applied and dry. The cool part is that because it has encapsulated the surface of the concrete on a molecular level it creates a hydrophobic surface that will not allow water to penetrate the surface.  This concrete sealant will cause the water to bead and roll off, 100% completely protecting the concrete from getting wet.  This is helpful to prolong the life and keep mold from growing on the concrete. A completely sealed sidewalk looks dry when wet. Take a look at our video below to see our hydrophobic sealer at work!

This system is also used to create Rain Art and as Invisible Graffiti.  People and companies are putting down fun hidden messages and logos which only show up when the surface gets wet. If you’re looking for an amazing new option in the concrete floor sealant, this is an excellent option. Contact us to learn more about