There is little doubt that metallic epoxy floors are beautiful. In fact, it is really more likemaking art than installing an epoxy floor. The fact that these artistic beauties, with the colors swirling around like marble veins and spatters like hammered metal, are as hard as nails is very impressive. Now these resinous metallic epoxy floors are not indestructible like the Elasti-deck chip floors, but they are very scratch resistant and hold up well to foot traffic and light commercial use.


Metallic epoxy floors are perfect for man caves, family rooms, or basements. In NJ, we have a lot of finished basements. It adds a lot of extra living space to your home. The problem is sometimes basements get wet, and the traditional floor coatings like carpet or wood get destroyed and create mold growth. Where as with resinous epoxy floors if a good vapor barrier was applied before the epoxy gets installed the floor will hold up well and can just be mopped up if there is a leak or wet basement issue.

Each Floor is Unique!

Metallic epoxy floors are some of the most amazing floors to watch go down… They continue to move and flow for hours after applied. This makes some of the most amazing designs. The imperfections in the floor actually create more beautiful lines and specs. Depending on the color range used these can look like lava or an ocean or that metal cop from terminator…

Add Even More Excitement!

The lighting can be adjusted to enhance the look of metallic floors even further. By shining LED lights from slight angles the floor can really pop!

Please let us know when you’re ready to do your metallic art project…

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