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Sealers and Densifiers

Coatings to make your concrete floors easier to deal with

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Stop the Dust From Your Concrete Floor

Concrete with sealers and densifiers prevent your floor from flaking off little bits of concrete dust over time. If you have concrete floors without a sealer or densifier, it’s always a good idea to have one or the other to make your concrete floor easier to deal with and prevent dusting — especially if it is an indoor floor!

Why Finish Your Concrete Floor With Sealer or Densifier?

  • Soaks into the slab and makes your concrete stronger

  • Gives concrete a nice smooth finish

  • Prevents concrete from “dusting”

  • Makes concrete last much longer

  • Prevents water damage (acrylic sealer can also prevent oil damage)

Benefits of Densifying Your Concrete Floor

Many people do not know the difference between sealed and densified floors… and the difference is huge! Both will stop dust, but the similarities stop there. Concrete densifiers are a great choice for garage, commercial, and industrial floors because they add abrasion and stain resistance. They can also be used in a grind and polish application. Using a densifier as a sealer is a great low-cost system that not only seals the surface but also hardens the top 1/16 of an inch of your concrete surface. It involves the application of a liquid silicate hardener to the concrete surface, which then has a chemical reaction with the floor. This densification reaction fills in the natural pores and voids in the concrete, and crystalline growth occurs internally. That means that the floor is both hardened and sealed at a deeper level than a sealant can reach.



Densifiers are used to finish or harden concrete. It is often applied right after the slab is cured or hard enough. It soaks into the concrete 90% and leaves only about 10% on the top. Many in the concrete industry say to truly densify a floor, it should be applied a second time after 30 days. Some even say it should be applied again after a year unless you’re polishing the floor, in which case densifier is added during the polishing process 1 or 2 times. A double densified concrete floor should partially bead water but will not be waterproof. Therefore, oils will still be able to penetrate. A small amount of visible sheen may be seen, but a sheen will be almost non-detectable. The densifier penetrates 90% into the slab, therefore will not get worn off unless the slab gets worn down



The term sealer is often used to describe any clear coating that is applied over a concrete or masonry surface. Here, we are explaining acrylic sealers used for coating and protecting concrete floors or exterior slabs. Acrylic sealers get applied to a slab after it has cured for 30 days. There are many water-based clear acrylic sealers with different solids contents that range from 7% to 60% solids. The lower the solids percentage, the less protection you get. We like to use xylene-based acrylic sealers whenever possible with 40% or higher solids content. A xylene/solvent-based sealer penetrates deeper into the concrete and re-wets itself on later applications ensuring a good bond even years later. A high solids acrylic sealer protects the floor from oil and water fairly well. Acrylic sealer is often used and works well as a finish coat over stained concrete.

Hydrophobic Floor Sealers

Hydrophobic floor sealers change the molecular structure of the concrete’s surface, and any water spilled onto the surface will simply bead up and roll off, without penetrating, damaging, or staining the concrete.

Benefits of Hydrophobic Coatings

When dry, hydrophobic coatings are invisible and completely waterproof. They make your concrete surface easy to clean and prevent mold and bacteria from growing on the concrete.

Invisible Graffiti

Hydrophobic floor sealers not only protect your concrete but can be used in fun and innovative ways to create rain art or invisible graffiti. It’s a great way to make people smile and also promote your business. The hydrophobic sealer will repel water around your stencil, giving you a crisp, clear way to communicate your message whenever it rains!

Floor Skinz - Durable, Functional Concrete & Epoxy Flooring

Our New Jersey team can do it all — from flooring demolition to a beautiful, functional final product. We offer a wide range of flooring systems, including hydrophobic floor sealer, epoxy coating, urethane mortar flooring, and more. We are certified in both Perma-Flex and Elasti-Deck Hydro-Static pressure-proof coating systems, and we work with other manufacturers of high-quality floor coatings so we can offer a wide range of products to fit any budget. If you’re ready to take advantage of our floor coating services, great prices, and high-quality service, contact us today.

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