Epoxy Floors Across NJ

There are so many places Epoxy Floors are getting used that people do not think of. Epoxy Floors are used in Commercial kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundromats, 

locker rooms, Basements, Schools, Dog Kennels, Hallways, Pharmaceutical Plants, Clean rooms, Bars, Pubs, & Taverns. In fact, there are almost no limits to where Epoxy Floors can be installed.  They are becoming more and more prevalent in NJ as the unfinished industrial look grows. Many people do not know that the rough industrial look is often an old concrete floor that has a semi-transparent acid or acrylic stain. It is finished with either an epoxy top coat or a densified polished finish.  A lot of the rough old looking floors are too uneven to get a good polish. Therefore, a clear epoxy finish is the best choice.

Floor Skinz has done more NJ Dog Kennels than we could have ever imagined. We had thought our main client base would be warehouse epoxy floors and Garage Epoxy floors. We have been surprised with a much wider variety of floors. 

Air plane hangars are often done with epoxy in a light grey so small parts and the slightest bit of fluid leaking can be seen quickly.  Race car garages want an easy to clean and chip resistant floor. Clean rooms want seamless cove base with an antimicrobial topcoat. Bars, pubs and taverns want a cool looking floor with logos that is non-slip and durable. Every situation that you could want is achievable with an epoxy floor.