1. 3 Reasons To Consider A Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Around Your Pool

    In the time we’ve written these blogs we’ve told you about the most common places you might find epoxy chip floors. After all, non-slip epoxy floors are the perfect option when people are looking for garage floor coatings, since they can be cleaned up easily yet still protect people from slipping on rain or melted snow that the vehicle brings in on its fenders and tires. Industrial  and resta…Read More

  2. 3 More Spaces That Need Epoxy or Polyurethane Concrete Sealer

    In a recent article we told you about three of the most common types of floors that we end up applying floor coatings to. The most obvious, of course, are garage floors. As the garage becomes more of an extension of the living space, people want garage floor coatings to make their workspace look as good as possible. Basements are another space to which we’ll apply epoxy floor coatings, either ac…Read More

  3. Why People Choose To Put Epoxy Flakes in their Chip Floors

    We offer many options when it comes to epoxy flooring and other types of concrete floor coatings. Sometimes a client is most interested in the absolute cheapest option, because the only people who might ever see their warehouse floor are employees. Others are only interested in what an epoxy coating can do for them, whether it’s the ability to clean up quickly or to deliver a non-slip surface. …Read More

  4. The Many Advantages of Epoxy Flooring Over Leaving The Concrete As-Is

    Whether you are in charge of a warehouse or are simply interested getting your small garage floor covered, you have a choice: get it layered with an epoxy floor coating or leave the concrete as it is. We understand the interest in leaving it as is; once the concrete dries you’re completely done. But if that’s what you do, you’ll miss out on a huge amount of advantages an epoxy coating can gi…Read More

  5. Concrete Spaces That Need Epoxy Flooring

      In our first blog, we told you all about the different types of acrylic and epoxy flooring that we handle here at Floor Skinz. We also mentioned some of the most common places that people choose to have covered in our floor coatings, but we didn’t go into much detail about each of these locations. Today we’re going to take a look at the most common places in which we find ourselves applying…Read More

  6. Welcome To Floor Skinz, Your Source For Epoxy Flooring

    We’d like to thank you for stopping by Floor Skinz, the place to be when you’re looking for epoxy flooring and other floor coverings that provide a clean surface that looks absolutely amazing. We’re the experts in flooring in the Vineland area, and we can customize your floor to meet your needs. Here are some of the most popular floor coatings that we put on all the time for businesses and h…Read More