Installing epoxy floors for the government means knowing what projects are to be prevailing wage, what the rates should be, and of coarse which floor coating system is best for which situation. Our entire staff is trained on at least 10 different floor coating systems. Some of our crews are trained in as many as 100 systems! Having such a diverse team has made it possible for us to solve many problems for clients that our competitors would have struggle with.

Beautiful and durable warehouse epoxy floor with striping – New Jersey

There are some administrative rules for public painting projects for schools, fire departments, police stations, water departments, and maintenance shops. Others offer some unique challenges, such as limited work hours. Some exterior painting projects have to be completed after hours, or during holidays and weekends. Our flooring experts are used to these odd schedules and have no problem working nights and weekends to get the job done. In fact, our installers work nights and weekends for the vast majority of our non-government projects.

Commercial building epoxy flake floor

As a NJ public works contractor, we are used to being held to a higher standard. Our floor installers are experts and know how to make adjustments on the fly as unexpected situations come up. The ability to be flexible and creative are very useful skills for Floor Skinz as well as for our clients.

Metallic epoxy floor in a commercial fitness gym

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